Hello world! I’m Josh “Howdy Doody” Hawley, Missouri Corporate Attorney-Meercat 4 U.S. Senate

Hello Missouri ZOGlings:

I’m Josh “Howdy-Doody” Hawley. I am a Corporate Lawyer-Meercat who as Missouri Attorney General was [S]elected by Corporate interests to represent them, not you little People who I hope are stupid enough to vote for me, who is getting plenty of corporate money to serve corporate interests.

I do not want you to know that I am actually against White People getting to keep their families intact even if they are poor and think bad thoughts against the local, state and federal governments which are out to make them powerless in their own homes and places of work. Why the other day I had one of my flunkies, Caleb Wagner, get two crooked Republican judges in Newton County, Judge Kevin Lee Selby and Greggie Stremel, dismissed from a Missouri Sunshine Law violation case in which they were violating the First Amendment by criminalizing dissent against the City of Granby by abusing these Domestic Protection Orders to silence peaceful protest and criticism.


Just simply do a cut and paste into a different window and you will find my legal philosophy, which is simple: Judges, lawyers, police and government workers have “absolute immunity” for their deliberate violations of the law which I shall enforce mercilessly against you shitty peasants and workers, er, private citizens. After all, you weren’t educated in an expensive Jesuit prep school, nor rich or smart enough to get into Stanford or Yale Law School, or a Fellowship Scholar able to teach in Cambridge. Living in Missouri is a real hardship and I really really want to be able to move to the District of Corruption and make federal laws to screw you whigger fuktards living here in Flyover Country. I’m special, so special, gotta have power and privilege, so give it to me.

Now there are certain racists who think — and say — [that] White Men don’t let whiggers vote Republicuck, er Republican. The very worst of those unregenerate racists is Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky “Mad Dog the Conqueror” Lindstedt who is running as a write-in Candidate for U.S. Senate as well. This Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri ArchBishop advocates all manner of racist and anti-government thangs, is the “Father of Prion-Poisoning Across the ZOGland”, and will endeavor to hijack my corporate-funded message, witless videos, and out and out lies in which He makes fun of my modest abilities and achievements in being nothing more than a corporate lackey. He will claim that even Hillary-Lite Claire McCaskill is a better counterweight to Roy Blunt, Senior Corporate Lobbyist Senator from Missouri.

Claire is a sneaky old skank. She has won by getting the Democrats to slip across during the primary [s]election and to vote for the biggest and most objectionable idiot in the Republican primary so she will face some clueless or corrupt fuktard to face in the general [s]election. This was Jim “No” Talent in 2006, Todd “Legitimate Rape / My Butt’s An-Aching” Akin in 2012, and this year I’m the clueless corporate Attorney-Meercat that she is going to whup like a cowardly meercat stepchild. It is rough being an Attorney General and going ass-to-mouth with the crooked cops, social workers, lawyers, prostitutors, and jewdges stealing white children, buying & selling the smart and beautiful children to adopt out and putting the dumber and sicker of the rest in human “puppy mills” / foster homes where they grow to be all fukked up and into the next [de]generation of homosexuals and perverts unable to care for any white children to maturity. Truly, White Men don’t let whiggers vote Republican. So as a Republican Missouri Attorney General my job is to use the color of law to destroy the White Race by stealing and selling White Children and turning them into worthless whigger herd animals while hunting down and jailing or killing their parents, especially if they are White Men.

White Men don’t let whiggers vote Republican.

I hate Free White Men.

I’m a Republipedo Meercat.

I’n closing, let me say, “I’m Josh “Howdy-Doody” Hawley, Missouri Corporate Attorney-Meercat running for U.S. Senate and I DON’T approve of this message because it has been hijacked by Pastor Martin “Mad Dog” Lindstedt, write-in candidate for U.S. Senate and the Ten Thousand Warlords PAC / Party and when He takes most of the White Supremacist vote away from me and the rest of the Republicucks than Claire McCaskill will whup me like a mattoid meercat, ow, ow, ow, oy vey.

Jail Victory !!!

Josh “Howdy-Doody” Hawley,

One Butt-Hurt Corporate Lawyer Meercat

(This blog has been hijacked and paid for by The Ten Thousand Warlords PAC/Party)


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