26 Sep 18 — Josh “Howdy Doody” Hawley — Corporate Attorney-Meercat




Hello whiggaz: I’m Josh “Howdy Doody” Hawley, Missouri Corporate Attorney-Meercat 4 U.S. Senate:

First of all, this political ad has been hijacked by the Ten Thousand Warlords PAC who are running Pastor Martin “Mad Dog” Lindstedt as a write-in candidate for US Senate. The Missouri Republican Party needs the votes of the ten percent of the White man vote but we don’t let actual White Men who express racist ideas to actually run in an open primary election. Thus this ad is a parody, political satire against myself as a real wuss and empty suit taken from a private Jesuit prep school, edjewmacated at Standord, then Yale Law School, and a corporate flunky attorney who was placed within the Missouri Attorney General’s office to advance the corporate corruption which will spell the end of this nation. Right now I’m running against Claire McCaskill, who for all her faults at least understands that she has to leave something for the little people of Missouri as opposed to my corporate masters taking it all from the trough.

So we have to ignore racist candidates like Pastor Martin “Mad Dog” Lindstedt because if we actually had open fair free honest elections then the Democrats would win all the time or we would have to actually serve the White People of Missouri in order to get elected. If only five percent of you White People were to refuse to vote Republican — or actually vote for Claire McCaskill who is trying to win votes by giving you my corporate masters’ money, then the Missouri Republican Party would be in the same shape as the New York Republican Party.

Besides Pastor Lindstedt told my flunky Caleb Wagner around 9:45 am Sept. 18, 2018 that he would cost me the [s]election because my policy is that judges are above the law and they cannot be sued just because they try to get around the First Amendment by granting bogus Domestic Protection Orders against uppity citizens all mad about City Hall corruption, so they stifle dissent by granting these bogus protection orders against Pastor Lindstedt going down to Granby City Hall and causing a stink. See:


I really don’t much care for the First Amendment. Certainly not when it is used against the interests of Big Government and Big Corporations.

So I’m going to lie about Claire McCaskill and ignore Pastor Martin “Mad Dog” Lindstedt. And while Claire will lie about me and call me out when I lie about her, Pastor “Mad Dog” is going to tear me a new a-hole because insofar as he is concerned:

White Men don’t let whiggers vote Republican.

So this is Josh “Howdy-Doody” Hawley, current Missouri Corporate Attorney-Meercat and I DO NOT approve of the contents of this hijacked political ad by the Ten Thousand Warlords PAC or this wordpress blog which shows what a clueless corporate buttlicker I am.


White Men don’t let whiggers vote Republican.

Josh “Howdy-Doody” Hawley, Corporate Republicuck wanting Hillary-Lite Claire McCaskill’s US Senate Seat

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