27Sep18 — Hawley’s balancing act: Would add pre-existing condition protections after suing to remove

Hawley’s balancing act: Would add pre-existing condition protections after suing to remove

Howdy-Doody Hawley has worked so hard to lie to the whigger tards that he is gonna restore what he worked so hard to take away

Will Schmitt, Springfield News-Leader
Published 3:00 p.m. CT Sept. 26, 2018


Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley continues to walk a tightrope on protections for people with pre-existing health conditions as he challenges Sen. Claire McCaskill for her Congressional seat. Howdy-Doody is trying real hard to coonvince MoZOG whigger fuktards with health issues that while he is working with the insurance cumpanies to do away with making good on sick whiggers with pre-existing coonditions that he will also somehow restore Obongocare, calling it Trumpcare[less] or something like that which won’t do shit for sick whiggers.

Hawley is part of a coalition of Republican attorneys general suing to invalidate the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. The litigation could undermine the entire landmark health care law, including its popular requirement that health insurers can’t deny coverage to patients on the basis of their pre-existing conditions. But since these sick whiggers might vote for C-liar McAss-Kill if they find out that Missouri Corporate Attorney-Meercat Howdy-Doofy has voted to screw them but good by taking away theys’ health insurance, Howdy Doody must lie like a meercunt.

McCaskill, a Democrat seeking a third term, has repeatedly criticized Hawley for being part of the lawsuit. McCaskill’s campaign has been sharing stories from 30 Missourians with pre-existing conditions, mainly sick whiggers who famn sure won’t be voting Republicuck this year, one every day for a month, who justly fear an adverse impact from Hawley’s lawsuit.

At least two of McCaskill’s 30 hail from Springfield, including Heather Pierce, an amputee with Stage 3 cancer who said, “Josh Hawley’s corporate lawsuit makes me feel angry and afraid,” she said. “Howdy-Doody Hawley has given me a death sentence just like them rape-niggers on death row, who get better health care than us sick whiggers. Tell me who I got to kill in order to live.” 

Scott Franklin, who takes medication for diabetes and his thyroid and is undergoing chemotherapy, was also disturbed by the Missouri Corporate Attorney-Meercat.

“I feel absolutely blindsided that it’s someone from our state that’s willing to get up and make a lawsuit to take away the coverage for pre-existing conditions, because it’s like having a neighbor look me in the eye and tell me ‘you’re worthless,’” Franklin said in one of McCaskill’s campaign releases. “You would think that this jewsuit-edjewmacated, Yale Law Skrule grad would be aware that while he was born of third base and thinks he hit a triple, most of us whiggers are really hurting. Screw you Howdy-Doody Hawley.”




Hawley, who has a son with a health condition, insists that he supports requiring insurers to cover people with pre-existing conditions, while at the same time suing to end this requirement. He released a campaign advertisement focused on his family in which he reiterated his pledge.

“I support forcing companies to cover all pre-existing conditions, and Claire McCaskill knows it,” Hawley says in the ad. “You deserve a senator who’s driven to fix this mess by just letting you old Boomer-tards croak, not one just trying to hang onto her office by pointing out that I’m going ass-2-mouth with the insurance companies and big corporations.”

On Tuesday, McCaskill’s campaign compiled and disseminated criticism from outside Missouri, including a Washington Post column that characterized Hawley in the ad as dishonestly “claiming to be the savior of the very thing they’re trying to destroy.”

Tuesday night, Hawley’s campaign spokeswoman went on record saying that, if elected, Hawley would sponsor and vote for a bill to require coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

“Yes,” spokeswoman Kelli Ford said in an email, “he would sponsor legislation of that nature. Just so long as nothing cum-cums of it.

Ford also provided a statement in which Hawley claimed that “Claire McCaskill would have you believe that you can’t cover pre-existing conditions without Obamacare.”

McCaskill voted for the Affordable Care Act and supports keeping it largely intact, but she also has acknowledged to the News-Leader that Obamacare is not the end-all and be-all when it comes to protecting people with pre-existing conditions from health insurance companies.

Hawley’s statement derides McCaskill’s health-care criticism of him as just another political tactic by changing the subject.

“This is Chuck Schumer and Claire McCaskill’s plan to win control of the Senate,” Hawley said in a statement. “They are putting politics ahead of patients and they will do nothing to fix the healthcare mess they created. We need healthy insurance companies and corporations which will buy me off with all the money they save by having you Boomer-cucks croak.

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